Corporate Fantasy (1999) Erotik Filmi izle


Corporate Fantasy izle (Sex Filmi izle)

Description:  The story centers around an office where the guys make a bet against who can get in bed with the new secretary, Daisy.The story is decently entertaining Review:  This movie has to be the best that I’ve seen Tracy Ryan in. The part that she masturbation with a vibrator is the sexest thing I’ve seen her do on film. And her other parts are very hot. If you like tight tops with little lumps in it you’ll love this. Lots of sexy under things on all the girls in the movie. The unrated copy of this movie is just about a porno film. I think they are right on the line with this movie. All the filming had to be done at a house on the beach and a office. Didn’t look like they made any road trips to film a thing. Over all the film is very good. And again, if you like a lot of hot sex in your movies, this one has it. The girl on girl stuff is hot also if your into that. I rate this movie a high 10.

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